Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Mental Shift

    • Stop being a Pussy

    • The Objective of The Art of Holding - What you will learn

    • Creating Corporate Magic

    • The Process of Adding an Established LLC to a Holding Company Structure

    • Why you want to Create Your Holding Company Now

    • Creating your Holding Company First

    • Your EIN is Free

    • Banking

    • Operating

    • Funding your Holding Company - Fast or Slow

    • Business Credit Establishemend with Good Credit

    • Business Credit Establishment for those with Bad Credit

  • 2

    My Holding Company Set up - Articles Templates

    • Holding

  • 3

    Writing Articles of Organization

    • Articles

    • YouTube Holding Company Articles of Organization

    • Mack Daddy Trades LLC

    • Mack Daddy Media LLC articles of incorporation

  • 4

    How to Set up your S Corp

    • S Corp Guidance