Course curriculum

  • 1

    I am not a Lawyer I am better

    • A word

    • Live your dream life START A BUSINESS

    • A message from Glendon

    • Before we Begin

  • 2

    The Broke Hustler - The Worst Hustler

    • The Hustler's Mindset and why it is needed to BE SUCCESSFUL

  • 3

    Holding Company Philosophy

    • First Webinar - The Art of Holding Companies - How and Why - Improved Volume

    • The Art of Holding Q/A #1

  • 4

    How to Turn an Established LLC into an S Corp Holding Company

    • The Process of Turning a established LLC into a Holding Company

  • 5

    How to Start a Holding Company from Scratch

    • The Process How to Start a Holding Company from Scratch

    • Income Buckets and Personal Finance Setup and Some Advice

    • Starting LLCs is getting harder and more EXPENSIVE

  • 6

    The Art of HOLDING how to turn an older LLC into a HOLDING COMPANY

    • The Process

  • 7

    The Art of Holding how to set up your HOLDING COMPANY

    • The Art of Holding

  • 8

    What is and How to Set up a Operating Company

    • How to Set up a YouTube Operating Company to Protect the Holding Company

    • How to Set up YouTube Operating Company -TEMPLATE COPY and PASTE

  • 9

    Holding Company Banking Rules

    • Setting up Corporate Checking Tutorial

    • How to talk to your BANKER and VENDORS

    • Funding your Holding Company and Hustle Money

    • Holding Company Banking Rules

  • 10

    Business Credit Essentials

    • How to set up your Holding Company for Business Credit and a Secret

    • Holding Company Essentials - Business Credit Foundation Out of state Holding Company

    • Structuring - What happens when you put CASH in the BANK

    • AML - Anti - Money Laundering Detection - Chase cut off all of his card because what happened at work - READ

  • 11

    How to Develop Business Credit

    • The Process of Developing Business Credit

    • Stage 1 of Business Credit your Business Address and Phone Number

    • Stage 2 of Business Credit - Maxing out your personal Credit

    • Naming Your Company to DBA or not to DBA

    • The Philosophy of Risk Management - Why you need an LLC

  • 12

    Real Estate Holding Company Formation and Benefits

    • My Real Estate Holding Company

  • 13

    YouTube Strategy - How to save $5000 - $20,000 off of you Taxes

    • YouTube Strategy Explained - Get back $2000 -$6000 of your money back!

    • The Art of Holding YouTube Strategies #1

  • 14

    YouTube Media Company - My Company Structure and Why I am Doing It

    • YouTube Holding Company + Operating Company

    • YouTube Holding Company and Template Example

    • YouTube Channel Holding Company - COPY and PASTE

    • How to protect YOURSELF and YOUR ASSETS from EVIL WOMEN

  • 15

    Fixing your personal Credit

    • The Blue Print

    • New Rules $2000 Dollar Reporting Limit and the CREDIT GAME and CHILD SUPPORT GAME

  • 16

    How to Set up an LLC Structure for an Online Business

    • Some things to think about BEFORE you Create your LLC Structure

  • 17

    How to Invest up to $55,000 Dollars on the front End Tax Free and $5,500 ( $6500 if you are 50)

    • The process of Investing LUMP SUMS

  • 18

    Setting up an Holding Company for Online Business - Options

    • Example Diamond Products LLC Holding Company