Course curriculum

  • 1

    What you can Expect from this Course and What to Focus ON

    • Beginning with the Intellectual Property School - Your Foundation is Important

  • 2

    Creating a Unique Selling Proposition - it matter more than you Know!

    • Why you need to Spend Time coming up with your Angle - What is so Special About You???

  • 3

    The Process of Creating An Offer

    • The Raw Naked Marketplace is Brutal and you are a Part of it!!!

    • Your First Assumption is Going to be Wrong - The Importance of Experiments

  • 4

    How to do Research for Your Niche - Deep Dives

    • Deep Dive on YouTube Channel Research PT 1

    • Deep Dive on YouTube Channel Research PT 2

    • How to Research YouTube for maximum Profit and Reach

    • How To Do Research for your Niche - How to Analyze the Internet - Deep Dives into Website

    • Researching your Niche - How to Pick a Niche to operate in- The COLD HARD TRUTH

    • How to do a Deep Dive on Your Niche - Step by Step - Youtube Training , Blog Training, Podcast training