Course curriculum

  • 1

    Live Webinars

    • August 13 4PM - The Art of Setting up a YouTube Channel That Makes Money

    • August 23 8PM - Setting up your YouTube Channel to Make Money - First Steps

  • 2

    Welcome to How to make Money on YouTube

    • Welcome to the course Big things are coming

    • Don't Skip Videos use the whole recipe

    • Why Channel Identity and Channel Concept is so important and will make or break your Channel

    • Becoming a Student of YouTube Research Research Research

    • Setting Goals for YouTube and Creating a Vision for your Channel

  • 3

    Section 2 - Building a YouTube Channel that WINS

    • You Must Focus on your Channel like a LASER

    • Focus on making Content your Niche wants to watch

    • Become a Student of your NICHE

    • Note how your content performs and make Adjustments

  • 4

    Creating and managing your Master Topics

    • Creating Master Topics

    • Testing your Content based on your RESEARCH

    • Your Research is going to make or break your Channel

    • Learning from your BEST Topics

    • How to come up with video ideas

    • Your Thumbnail is EVERYTHING

    • Creating Playlist from your Master Topic