Course curriculum

  • 1

    First Thing - Get your Credit Reports

    • First Steps - Ordering your Credit Reports and Removing Old Addresses

    • How to get Paper Copies of your Credit Reports

    • Second Step - Establishing New Primary Trade lines and Begin the Dispute Process

    • What you will learn in the Business Credit Course

    • How to get Business Credit with a High Fico and High Income

    • What you need in order to get Loans from Banks

    • How to Buy Trucks or Lease Trucks with Business Credit

    • The Importance of Bank Statements in the Business Credit World

    • Using your Personal Credit to Prime the Stage for Business Credit

    • The Types of Business Credit - Vendor, Retail and Cash

    • The Dangers of Buying Aged Corps or Shelf Corps

    • Business Charge Card Use and Stratgies

    • How to get Business Credit with Bad Personal Credit

    • Planning for the Future Business Credit Stratgey